Fast Track Diploma

Embark on the fast track to success with our “Fast Track Diploma” program. Designed for those who are eager to accelerate their career and gain in-depth knowledge in a shorter time frame, this comprehensive diploma offers a streamlined learning experience without compromising on quality. Whether you’re seeking professional advancement or looking to acquire specialized skills, our Fast Track Diploma program is your express route to achieving your goals. Join us and fast-forward your future today!

Are you a final-year vocational high school (SMK) student looking to obtain your diploma quickly? Mayantara’s Fast Track Diploma program is the answer. Our diploma certificate is accredited by The CPD Group, and we utilize a Project-Based Learning and Blended Learning model for effective education. We understand that every student has unique potential, which is why we offer an opportunity to enhance your educational qualifications rapidly.

How the Fast Track Diploma Program Works:

  1. SMK Internship: Begin your journey towards a diploma by joining our internship program (Prakerin) at Mayantara School for a minimum of one semester while you are still in SMK. This is your chance to gain real-world experience in a genuine work environment.
  2. SMK Graduation: After graduating from SMK, you will continue your education at Mayantara School for an additional semester. During this semester, you will acquire additional knowledge and skills to help you attain your diploma.
  3. Fast-Track Diploma: Upon completing the Fast Track Diploma program, you will receive a recognized diploma, opening up broader career opportunities and increasing your earning potential.

Why Choose Fast Track Diploma at Mayantara College:

  • Practical Experience: The internship program at Mayantara provides you with invaluable practical work experience.
  • Flexibility: The program is designed to fit alongside your learning schedule.
  • Recognized Diploma: The diploma you earn will be nationally recognized, unlocking a variety of career prospects.
  • Expert Mentors: You will receive guidance and mentoring from experienced professionals in the field.

Don’t delay your dream of obtaining a diploma any longer. Join the Fast Track Diploma Program at Mayantara College and accelerate your career. Contact us now for more information and registration requirements.


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