the Marketing program is structured to empower students with a solid foundation in marketing principles and practices. It equips them with the essential skills to navigate the dynamic world of consumer behavior, market trends, and effective marketing strategies. Additionally, it offers opportunities for future academic or career advancement in the field of marketing and communications.

The Marketing program is designed with specific objectives to equip students with a comprehensive understanding of the field. Here are the key program objectives:

  • Understanding Consumer Needs and Trends: The program aims to provide students with the knowledge and skills to comprehend and identify consumer needs and emerging trends in the market. This is crucial for businesses to meet customer demands effectively.
  • Market Understanding and Segmentation: Students will learn how to define and segment markets. This involves categorizing markets into distinct groups based on various criteria to tailor marketing strategies to specific target audiences.
  • Pricing Strategies: The program will impart an understanding of pricing and pricing strategies. Pricing plays a vital role in the success of products or services, and students will learn how to determine optimal pricing structures.
  • Distribution Channels and Routes to Market: Students will gain insights into channels of distribution and the various routes to market. Understanding how products reach consumers is essential for effective marketing.
  • Consumer Behavior Patterns: The program will delve into the patterns of consumer behavior. This involves studying how consumers make purchasing decisions, what influences their choices, and how to leverage this knowledge for marketing strategies.
  • Advertising and Promotional Strategies: Students will develop the skills needed to create and apply advertising and promotional strategies. Effective advertising and promotion are essential for product awareness and market penetration.
  • Progression to Higher-Level Studies: The program is designed to provide students with a qualification that opens doors to further studies in marketing or communications at an advanced level. This ensures that graduates can continue to expand their knowledge and skills in the field.


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